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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the home site of Yitzhak Barbi Engineers and Consultants Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Company”).
The use of the website is subject to the conditions detailed below and indicates your agreement to read them carefully and agree to their content.
It is prohibited to make changes, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish and/or sell an item of information, content and/or services originating from this website.
There is no suggestion, solicitation or advice to take any procedures and/or actions, but only a recommendation.
The website operator will not be responsible for any damage caused and/or that may be caused to third parties as a result of the information and/or reliance on the information appearing on the website and/or action based on it and/or as a result of the referral and/or communication with the professionals referred to through the website and the use of the website is at the sole responsibility of the user.
Addresses in the male or female language on the site and treats members of the different sexes equally.
All copyrights and intellectual property on the website, including the software, the database, the source code, the texts, the descriptions, the articles, the design of the website, the graphic files, the images and any other material contained therein, are reserved to the company and therefore the data appearing on the website may not be used in any way.
The user does not have any permission to use the site commercially.
It is hereby emphasized that the site provides initial and basic advice only without careful planning and adjustment to the structure. And therefore a specialist installer should be consulted before making a purchase.
The sole responsibility for typing the data rests with the user and the user knows that it is only personal data typing and the calculation results are a function of correct data typing and in the case of the user’s sole responsibility.
The company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently stop the activity of the site, at its sole discretion, even without any prior notice.
The information on the website is intended to expand the user’s knowledge and is not professional advice, but preliminary and principled. The information on the site is provided as is and without the company’s liability of any kind.
The use of the website constitutes the user’s agreement that he will not have any claim, demand or claim of any kind against the company and/or the management of the website and/or their owners and that any use of the website will be at the sole and complete responsibility of the user and he alone will be responsible for the way he uses it in the service.

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