Planning and inspection of Airconditioning systems
Energetic efficiency, Sanitation and Fire extinguishing

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Isaac Barrabi Engineering and Consulting.

The firm has been in operation since 1990 in the city of Netanya, planning, designing, and implementing thousands of projects all over Israel, including some of the largest and most complex projects, sometimes in existing essential structures that had to continue operating and continuing functionality during the stages of project implementation.

Our staff, specializing in system integration, includes forced fire and smoke discharge systems, variety of filtration systems, sanitary and fire extinguishing systems, wet/dry sprinkles, and electromechanical system coordination. Our planning and design office is the largest of its kind in the Sharon area, and one of the largest offices in Israel, specializing in integration of building AC and sanitary installation.

Work is performed using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology for building information modeling and full integration between planning and execution together.

System coordination (superposition)

Optimal integrated planning of all the building systems

Many areas require multiple system coordination for a smooth and efficient operation. The best “multisystem” planning and design takes into consideration a variety of constrictions, standards and requirements, while close monitoring the project and adjustment of the tools to the customer’s requirements and conditions at the site.

Energetic efficiency

Green design and energy efficiency

Air conditioning constitutes bout 60% of electricity consumption in Israel.

Effective and smart design leads to savings on electricity and energy consumption and therefore affects the customer’s bottom line.

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