Energetic efficiency is a very important process which enables saving in the installation and throughout the facility’s life cycle.

Energetic efficiency can be achieved through various steps,

  1. Replacement of old chillers with low COP (coefficient of performance) with new chillers with high COP and enjoy monthly savings in your electric bill.
  2. Addition of pumps frequency changers.
  3. Improvement of the temperature command and control on air conditioning units.
  4. Fresh air control with CO2
  5. Addition of heat exchange units air to air.
  6. Cold storage.
  7. Cancelation of diesel-based heating systems and replacement of these with heat pumps and solar backup heating systems.
  8. Good and optimal maintenance.

And other cost savings options.

Our firm specializes in analyzing current systems, preparation of energy efficiency program including budget estimates, ROI calculations, planning and overseeing the implementation of the energetic efficiency program, accompanies by an energy specialist from the firm.

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