About us

The Isaac Barrabi Engineering and Consulting firm was established in Netanya in 1990 and has planned and implemented thousands of projects all over Israel, including some of the largest and most complex, executed at times in essential constructions that must continue functioning while the project is implemented in stages, without stopping their operation even for a moment.

The integrated office employs air conditioning and ventilation systems designers, fire, and smoke release system planners, sanitary and fire extinguishing systems specialists, air filtration wet and dry sprinkler systems experts, and coordination of electromechanical systems (superposition) in the building.

The work is implemented using the BIM (Building Information Modeling) that models building information and fully integrates between the planning, design, and implementation stages together.

The firm provides the full range of engineering services including, planning, design, and consulting services starting from program analysis, master plans, licensing plans, accurate calculations, detailed planning for tenders and execution, technical specifications and bills of quantities, budget estimates as well as superior supervision during the works until they are completed to the satisfaction of the engineer and according to the requirements of the authorities and standards.

The firm hold ISO 9001, a quality control standard

The firm founder

Engineer Yitzhak Barrabi, born in 1960, went through all the stages of the profession, starting as an air conditioning technician at a school in BOSMAT in 1979, working as a refrigeration technician in several companies and at Carmel Hospital in Haifa.

Mechanical engineer, graduate of the Technion (1987), majoring in Power and Heat Flow track, and specializing in air conditioning, implementation engineer in Herut Air Conditioning and execution of large projects such as Avgad Building in the Stock exchange, Bank Leumi buildings, Keshev Lod, among other projects…

Consulting Ac and plumbing engineer at “Ehud Weisberg Engineering and Consulting” and in 1990 opened a firm for consulting in AC systems, plumbing and medical gasses.

Isaac Barrabi is also a Master of Business Administration and was trained and qualified as an arbitrator of the Court and expert in engineering opinions testimonials in court. Among other things, Isaac Barrabi specializes in energy efficiency, cold storage, and integrated system planning including, among others, heat pumps, hot water for consumption, residual heat from air conditioning systems and integration between air conditioning and plumbing systems.

Isaac Barrabi has served for 4 years as the chairperson of the Association of Sanitary Engineers and Thermal Installations in Israel (IOCEA) and participated in writing the building code in chapter 07.

Areas of operation

Air conditioning, aeration, and smoke release
Sanitary plumbing and fire extinguishing
Sprinklers planning
3D system coordination (3D superposition)
Medical gasses planning in hospitals
Energy saving and cold storage
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