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The virtual air conditioning engineer is a specialist system that will enable you by few simple steps to select an appropriate air conditioner for your apartment or house Results include information on the amount of air required in each room, pipe diameter required for each room and each room diffuser size and Chapter and how to check the installation with the installer ! Air conditioners software companies are classified according to the quality Key includes a standard air conditioner , technological quality , reputation and experience in the country ,

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Air conditioning methods How to choose an air conditioner

There are several methods for air conditioning homes/apartments.
A. Chilled Water Air Conditioning System
This system generates cold/hot water (depending on the season) in a device called a chiller.
The water is distributed by a pump and pipes into interior fan coil units.
Eventually, each air conditioned room or space is equipped with a fan coil
unit that can be turned on and off to regulate the temperature (for example, hotels).
Method Advantages
Compact device
Maximum reliability

System lifetime: ~15-20 years Maintaining homeowners value Serves as a factor among realtors and real estate
professionals. When a chiller is installed in a home, it is considered to be of greater value.
Low maintenance requirements.
Saving on the main electrical service size as compared to the method of split or mini-central air conditioning units. Approximately 20% savings on electricity as compared to a mini-central system due to duty factor (you cannot be at all places at once and the system automatically regulates itself). Method Disadvantages Very expensive in homes. Not many companies are capable of providing long term, rapid and reliable service for these systems in private homes. Compared with mini-central and split air conditioner systems Expensive ongoing maintenance annual costs. Spare parts supply that is not always readily available. B. Mini-Central Unit In this method, a mini central unit is installed, air conditioning several rooms simultaneously
(in private homes, it is usually one unit per floor for example). This system is the most popular in Israel due to its price. Method Advantages
Relatively low price, approximately one third the cost of a chiller system
(depending whether the system is installed with sheet metal ductwork or flexible duct). The price sometimes includes ceiling height adjustments, depending on the type of unit and the installer.
A compact system in which the condensing unit is usually situated near the laundry balcony.
The internal unit is concealed over an acoustic ceiling.
Low maintenance requirements (where installation was performed properly). There are systems whose maintenance only involves cleaning the filter once every few months.
Leading air conditioning companies have achieved high levels of production and reliability. A high level of product reliability means that where the installation was properly performed, the unit will operate without fault for many years.
Spare part and of the shelf product availability for immediate supply as soon as the repair is required. Method Disadvantages
It is impossible to regulate the temperature for each room unless an electrical
damper and thermostat is installed in every room, rendering the system more expensive and complicating its maintenance.
Maximum electrical connection to the home (since it is impossible to plan the system with a duty factor
, as with the chiller, the electrical hookup must include all air conditioning units inputs in the house).
Average lifetime: 8 to 10 years.
Multiple condensing units (private homes, not apartments) cause higher maintenance requirements over time.
Relatively high electrical consumption compared to other methods. Split Air Conditioners This method entails the installation of a split air conditioner in each room.

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